Egress Window Installation Calgary

At Best Concrete Cutting & Coring, we provide a complete Turnkey Egress window installation. We take pride in providing an efficient total egress solution for our customer. We strictly follow all code requirements and takes extra steps to ensure the best long-term results, including:

We chainsaw all corners to prevent overcuts.
We attach a vertical drain to the existing perimeter drain system. If there is not a perimeter system we recommend installation of a sump pump.
We stand behind all of our work and our window installer’s work.
We backfill with 3-4 tons of gravel and finish with topsoil. This extra step provides the best drainage possible.

Calgary Core Drilling

Core drilling is one of the most cost effective ways to create openings for plumbing, electrical, HVAC and sprinkler systems.

Our highly Trained, Drug Free, certified operators will use reliable and productive equipment to safely drill holes ¼” to 66” in diameter, at any angle or depth. For special requirements a Circular Wire saw is used, and can cut at an unlimited diameter and depth with access to both sides.

Best Concrete Cutting & Coring Inc. has the most powerful concrete core drilling equipment available, giving us the ability to drill holes inside, outside, above ground, below ground and under water.


We have your needs covered with our equipment. We have backhoes; dump trucks, skidsteers, excavators, loaders, jack hammers, wet vacuums, and most importantly a crew that is dedicated to working clean and quick.

At Best Concrete Cutting & Coring, we Offer best Workmanship While Being Respectful of Your Time and Budget !

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Slab Sawing in Calgary

Slab sawing features a diamond blade mounted on a powerful walk behind saw, specifically designed to cut slab on grade, structural decks, roadways, airports and any other horizontal surface.

Best Concrete Cutting & Coring saws are powered by gas, diesel, electric, hydraulic and hi cycle, and are capable of safely cutting slabs up to 24” thick. For inside areas, our electric hydraulic and hi-cycle saws are the most powerful saws available in the industry.

Slab saws are the workhorses of the cutting industry, allowing the cleanest, quietest and most effective way to cut concrete.

Best Concrete Cutting & Coring has both the capabilities and experience you need with our highly trained, Drug free and certified operators.

Best Concrete Cutting & Coring Services: